Get your seasons-pass, because this season will totally ROCK!

Rat Citys Season starts on the 7th of February, and this year we will be playing at KeyArena so get a Season-pass and get pumped... Because is there anything better than live roller derby??


Merry Christmas

I am in Sweden, it is snowing lightly outside, dusting the world... I am delighted!


I am a Sockit Wench

Yes, I am now a Rat City Roller Girl... and I'm a SOCKIT WENCH!


Rat City Derby Prom

Me and my hot, hot, hot date Summer...

Help Roller Derby Make a Difference!

Roller Derby Supporter,

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The Gotham Girls, should they win the grand prize, have additionally committed funds to assist the Tahirah Johnson Trust, benefitting the rehabilitation of Tequila Mockingbird, injured skater of Chicago's Windy City Rollers.

Help GGRD get the most votes and bring in $10,000 for derby!

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Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for derby!


Flattered, flattered, flattered...

All Bout Derby  ranked me as number 20 on his list of NorthWests best 25 skaters of 2008... I am really flattered over the notion and ranking. I've come a long way from 10th of January of this year, when I skated my first scrimmage...

20. Swede Hurt (Jet City Rollergirls). Her progress this year has been both amazing and a ton of fun for me to watch. Early on in the season, she was just an average skater out there for Jet City…maybe even a tad below the average line. But you can tell she has something that anyone in the world of front office sports management wants; a desire to become the best she can be. And as the year rolled along, every time I would see Swede play she had become considerably better than the time before. And by the time the Jet City season was over with, you could make a good argument that she had become their best jammer. And not only that, but her blocking is now what I would consider to be well above average. And the great thing is that you can still see that she has plenty of room to improve. And the scary thing is she knows that and is determined to fill that room up


Four days left... and then Rat City try-outs

Yes, there are only FOUR days left until try-outs... SATURDAY (and thats RatCity prom night and I'm going with beloved Summer), SUNDAY (and that's last Makin' Bacon), MONDAY and then FINALLY TUESDAY - the day of DOOOOM...

The joy of funbeat.com keeping track of my life...

I log my workout hours in an online workout journal, and when something special happens I make a little note of it...
So this is what I just read, when I was going over the past year... the first time I ever scrimmaged was on my birthday 2008, and I got to jam. I was in two jams, and I loved it...
9 days later I played my first bout... I did not jam, ha ha ha


Soon I can buy christmas presents...

Yeah, after try-outs I will know what color of socks (because a derbygirl can never have too many socks) I can get for my friends that are trying out for Jet and Rat City...
Because I know... I know... I KNOW how it is...
Before I got on the Harem, I did not own a single orange piece of clothing... Ok, Ok... I did own ONE orange t-shirt... and now, after a year on the Harem, I don't even know how much orange I own... and maybe I get to continue wearing it or maybe I'll get to devote myself to another color...

I wish all of you friends good luck for try-outs next week, may the unicorn be with you...


Part of the weekend...

Born and raised in another place, so far from where I am today, I sometimes feel real lonely, how did I get here?

I went to Bremerton and watched the lovley Rat City ladies bout the equally lovley Slaughter county, it was good times, derby is always good times, despite the 2,5 h I spent in traffic to get to the penninsula and Skateland.

Afterwards we hit up the Throttle Rockets Christmas party at Funhouse, Maude palyed amazing music and the dance party could beigin! I heart dancing to fun music! In the courtyard usual derby related party activites were going on, some boob-grabbing, lot's of grinding, hipchecking and of course some bruise and scar showing... yeah, it was good times...

Still, loneliness sometimes overwhelm me, like fine dust, it comes over me, suddenly, and I just can't tell you how and when, and I drive on empty streets of Seattle and open my window to smell the distant winter, and I want to put my skates on and just leave everything behind.