Part of the weekend...

Born and raised in another place, so far from where I am today, I sometimes feel real lonely, how did I get here?

I went to Bremerton and watched the lovley Rat City ladies bout the equally lovley Slaughter county, it was good times, derby is always good times, despite the 2,5 h I spent in traffic to get to the penninsula and Skateland.

Afterwards we hit up the Throttle Rockets Christmas party at Funhouse, Maude palyed amazing music and the dance party could beigin! I heart dancing to fun music! In the courtyard usual derby related party activites were going on, some boob-grabbing, lot's of grinding, hipchecking and of course some bruise and scar showing... yeah, it was good times...

Still, loneliness sometimes overwhelm me, like fine dust, it comes over me, suddenly, and I just can't tell you how and when, and I drive on empty streets of Seattle and open my window to smell the distant winter, and I want to put my skates on and just leave everything behind.

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