This was my birthday!
Me and my brother went for a buggy ride in the sand dunes. I guess most of the work out was to hold onto the buggy while the driver was going crazy! 



I slept really bad - well I went to sleep at 10.30 pm and woke up at 5 am. I guess sometimes there are so many things on your mind, and you don't even know where to start thinking. It's really nice sometimes just to try to sleep all the annoying and pushy feelings away. I think we all at times have self doubt. 

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee with milk
Workout: me and my brother took two hours of surf classes. Haha ha ha
It's a workout I can tell you all that much.

Lunch: acai - its like a sorbe of some really healthy amazon fruit. 
Workout: just another of those long walks

For personal reasons, this wasn't the best of nights. But we went out and had a bunch of foods.



IIt's not the body it's the brain, I can get body to perform, I have the power and stamina, my brain just wanna give up. It's a freaking struggle, it tells me to stop and to slow down and save my energy. 
I need some mental training really really bad!! Ah, miss to train with others! 

4km run
80 sit-ups
25 push-ups
80 walking lounges
10 burpees

Breakfast: watermelon, mango and coffee and more coffee

Lunch: Chicken Salad - this is becoming my standard
Workout: trying to SURF for about an hour, it was a great time and will happen tomorrow again.

Dinner: I was exhausted and we decided to eat at the hotel. Usually the food is quite ok, but I guess I just headed for the wrong dish.
They grilled the shit out of a poor piece of beef, it was drier than Sahara. It was propped on top of a potatoe gratain block and served with GRAPES... and port sauce... 

All I really could eat was the meat if I dipped it deep into the river of port sauce. I needed protein that bad! 



50 sit-ups
30 push-ups
20 squats

Breakfast: watermelon and some cheese and the usual stupid amount of coffee 

No running this morning, I might go for a run with my brother tonight. 

Lunch; chicken salad and a piña colada (like SERIOUSLY)
Workout: 2h brisk walk with my brother

Dinner: Brazilian Meat with veggies and rice. And a weird dulce lechte pudding... Gotta love brazil... Oh with a Bohemian beer.

Conclusion: I am drinking WAY TOO much alcohol! It's just such yummy drinks! And everything is soooo relaxed and warm... Fuzzy... Fuzzy...



Work-out: run on the beach (25min)
50 sit ups
20 push ups

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee
Orange juice and water 


Lunch: chicken salad and a mojito (family leaves tomorrow)

Work out:
20 push ups
30 min surfing

Dinner: Something Brazilian containing meat

Conclusion: i still need to drink more water 



Waking up just to realise that Im damn sore from yesterday! Ugh!

20 push-ups
40 sit ups

Breakfast: tapioca pancake with butter, lots of coffee and watermelon. 

Workout: 8km walk in brisk pace

Lunch: mojito (still with the family) and a chicken salad
And a fresh coconut... YUM


Dinner: Chevice and some sort of lobster risotto and then the oddest desert I've ever eaten. 

Conclusion: it's the third day in Natal and my skin is sore from the sun and my legs from yesterday's running. I will run tomorrow morning again! I am having a hard time motivating myself. I must motivate myself better!
AND I NEED to drink more water! 


Workout: 25 min run (I hate running but listening to a podcast made it more bearable) 
80 sit-ups
20 push-ups
Breakfast: Fruits, lots of fresh fruit, some bacon and waaaay too much coffee with milk - I also had a tapioca pancake with shredded coconut and condensed milk. Too sweet... so I only ate half of it.

Workout: I took an about 8km walk along the beach, pretty brisk pace. 

Lunch: Tuna salad with a few rings of fried calamari, and a mojito... It's vacation by the beach... 


Dinner: Lots of meats and veggies at a Brazilian MEAT restuarant. I can for sure say I gotten enough proteins. 

Conclusion: I need to continue to drink water, it really is key. I don't get tired from running, just a little bored. So I need to find something that motivated me more.

Back in shape for 2015 - 15 days of progress

So since the World Cup in Dallas I've done nothing but been lazy. I came back to Sweden and I got really sick and then I just ended up being social and enjoying holidays over working out. I did go for walks and I even went ice-skating one day. But in general I drank and are more than I exercised... I also know that I will mentally feel better if I get to work out each day! It's really important to me! I love working out, and I hate it at the same time. To be deadpan honest, I know a thousand things I rather do than work out. So I always need to find ways to keep it interesting and challenging. 

But I decided now when I'm in Brazil - I will really try to get back in shape. And I decided to use this blog as a sort of progress blog. Since it hasn't been used forever and I like to keep tabs on myself!!
So here we go!!

And this is not about looking better, it is about performing better, it's about becoming the best you can be.

I will leave Brazil more fit and more tanned and ready for the 2015 season!