Magicla Sea

I look over the Sound, and the smell of Sea reaches my nose, and I dream away, I grew up by a lake and now I reside by the Sea, it’s a sound, but still carries the smell of the open Ocean. I want to plunge in, swim away and maybe dissapear like a magical creature… Water has always been my element, born a Capricorn with a claim to be a unicorn, I have trotted trough the world of possibilities to become a water living creature.

I want to sit by the water and play a harp or a violin, like the mythical creatures of long lost fairy tales, I want to dance on the summer mists of the Sea like a fairy and I want my hair to smell like seaweed as of a mermaid mane. I once danced the nights away, now I mostly sleep them away, wishing I were rocked on a boat, forever and ever.

Growing up my family spent weeks on the water, in a sailing boat, it was small but carried the four of us. I learned to navigate, to be on the open sea with no land and only the sun, glaring in its own Swedish summer heat. I loved those summers, we slept at islands with names and no names, they were small and they were large and we had wind in the sails, from the south and the north.

There were nights when the storms hit us, and the anchors came loose, and when the boat just wouldn’t stop throwing my child body around in the tiny room under noose that I called mine. I remember those summers as the fondest memories of my past, they are trapped in a capsule of time, that I can never relive, because that was then and this is now.

And I am not sure if it makes me happy or sad…


Memories that hurt

Springtime in Seattle and I woke up just to roll over, looking into the greenest eyes in the world, when love hits, it hits hard. It had hit me so hard I was in pain, every nerve in my body was telling me to get out. The greenest eyes smiled at me, kissed me, I smiled back and wrapped my naked arms and legs around the woman that would be my fall. There with arms and legs tangled up in each other I knew I was lost, and mapquest would not be to any help at all.

We did laugh into each others breath... We did climb trees, jump bushes and there was mornings with coffee, rolled up naked bodies and tears. I sat in the bar while she was working, wondering why life was so perfect until we fell apart, until she walked away and I hated her, for a brief moment, just because it could have been all so great.