Two more days of nothingness and family

And then back to Seattle, to the life I have chosen to live and live. Best friend and family are charging my batteries, I miss skating, very much and I have taken a break from work outs, taken walks and even gotten drunk one night.

It is different, a differnt kind of life, and I sure miss it and I miss Seattle, I am torn, where am I going. 


Tired but still not ready to sleepy sleep, because it's a frinedly night

The soup is on, tonight me and Em, my partner in crime, are making soup and having people over. People are brining wine, so it is a soup and wine night!
Not very vikinglike I guess, but it's hard to live up to the myth all the time!

The curse of Bikram Yoga

It is 90 min yoga in 90 degrees heat and I almost fainted four times, crazy heat. I will for sure use this as proof that I am not made for heat. I am a nordic gal, made for snow and ice. AND I lost a sock in the locker room, I think another yoga lady took it...
sneaky sneaky yoga ladies
So I had to skate around Stockholm with only one, read ONE sock for 3 hours, and when I finally made it home, I had a blister under my big toe!
So now I am nursing my big toe back to health, cursing yoga! Because we all know that skating could have NOTHING to do with it!

Skating randomly around Stockholm with one of the Stockholm Rollerderby girls was good fun, we ended up having to concur some cobblestones, climb some stairs and greatest of all run through some gravel... Oh joy!


How can you get tired when you do nothing but SIT SIT AND SIT SOME MORE??

Tiredness... but why?

How do you get so tired from traveling to Sweden, I mean I do nothing, virtually NOTHING! I sit, sit, sit and sit some more... the sitting get interupetd by some sleeping in awkward position, most of the time still sitting. And then I watch movies, get served food by woman in not so sexy uniform, and sit some more...

This goes on for about 9 hours, and then I get a sitting break to walk for about 30min, just to get on another fligtht to sit some more... And then all of a sudden I'm in Sweden and everyone does their best to stop me from falling asleep.

Yes, this is the hardship of traveling...

My one week of vacationing from derby has begun, I am just going to do some off skates excercises today... Just jump around, maybe even jog... who knows. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he confirmed that my hurting knees are the same as always, it's a hormonal problems, my hormons are threading the cartledge, nothing to do but to eat some painkillers when it gets to bad.

He told me that they are currently experimenting with drilling tiny holes in womens kneecaps, to see if it releases the pain, but that the effect didn't seem to be very satisfactiory. He also said that I should be happy I didn't live in the 50's, because apperently back then they used to surgecially remove the kneecap... (ouch)


A week of Derby vacation...

Swede going to Sweden to see her family... will be back soon to skate her little heart out in Boise, Idaho!


Carlies Angels or Charlies Angels... death on wheels

Rat Citys Championship

I went there and sat to watch some of US finest ladies battle it out, and so they did. Amazing skating, and I feel like I learn from just watching, I probably should have taken my little notebook, but I am a learning by doing person.

This was two tight and exciting bouts, but no big suprises, the Throttle Rockets beat Grave Danger and DLF ended up winning after a bout that could have gone either way. It was exciting to watch, a little too dirty at times, but that is life.

Lovley, lovley Harem


It has been a while

So the end of the season is coming up, I'm in hte shape of my life and finally feel confident in jamming again.
This season, my first season so many things has happened... About exactly a year ago I took my first strides in a pair of rollerskates. And I was hooked from day one..
I ended up buying the roller derby package from lowpriceskates.com. A week later my brand new R3 arrived and I started to drag my friends to open skates allover King and Pierce county. I skated to organ music with a bunch of old people and I stalked derby-looking girls around the Skate King. It was fun, even if my friends were a little skeptical to this whole rollerskating craze... They never spotted me at the bars anymore, because instead I went and fell among the kids at the Skate King on Saturday nights and I quit smoking and my wristguards made me smelly... so when I finally would turn up at the bars I wasn't the attractivley well smelling Swede anymore...

In November I ended up on Jet Citys first boot camp, I was too shy to ever make it to PFM, and Jet City seemed to like the clumsy, tall Swede and Camaro Harem picked me up in December. And ever since I've skated with Jet City, I've gotten to bout with the Harem five times this year and twice with out B-travel team, the B52's.

I went to Vegas for Rollercon and learned, learned, learned, I've gone to scrimmages and learned, learned, learned, I've become a better and better jammer, but my blocking still is not what it will become. I guess a year is not that long of a time and I have more time to work on it, and I will... timing is all, and I have to learn when and how more. I watch others, and i know that one day, after lots and lots of hard work, I can be there too, and I will for sure!