The curse of Bikram Yoga

It is 90 min yoga in 90 degrees heat and I almost fainted four times, crazy heat. I will for sure use this as proof that I am not made for heat. I am a nordic gal, made for snow and ice. AND I lost a sock in the locker room, I think another yoga lady took it...
sneaky sneaky yoga ladies
So I had to skate around Stockholm with only one, read ONE sock for 3 hours, and when I finally made it home, I had a blister under my big toe!
So now I am nursing my big toe back to health, cursing yoga! Because we all know that skating could have NOTHING to do with it!

Skating randomly around Stockholm with one of the Stockholm Rollerderby girls was good fun, we ended up having to concur some cobblestones, climb some stairs and greatest of all run through some gravel... Oh joy!

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