Memories that hurt

Springtime in Seattle and I woke up just to roll over, looking into the greenest eyes in the world, when love hits, it hits hard. It had hit me so hard I was in pain, every nerve in my body was telling me to get out. The greenest eyes smiled at me, kissed me, I smiled back and wrapped my naked arms and legs around the woman that would be my fall. There with arms and legs tangled up in each other I knew I was lost, and mapquest would not be to any help at all.

We did laugh into each others breath... We did climb trees, jump bushes and there was mornings with coffee, rolled up naked bodies and tears. I sat in the bar while she was working, wondering why life was so perfect until we fell apart, until she walked away and I hated her, for a brief moment, just because it could have been all so great.

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