Back in shape for 2015 - 15 days of progress

So since the World Cup in Dallas I've done nothing but been lazy. I came back to Sweden and I got really sick and then I just ended up being social and enjoying holidays over working out. I did go for walks and I even went ice-skating one day. But in general I drank and are more than I exercised... I also know that I will mentally feel better if I get to work out each day! It's really important to me! I love working out, and I hate it at the same time. To be deadpan honest, I know a thousand things I rather do than work out. So I always need to find ways to keep it interesting and challenging. 

But I decided now when I'm in Brazil - I will really try to get back in shape. And I decided to use this blog as a sort of progress blog. Since it hasn't been used forever and I like to keep tabs on myself!!
So here we go!!

And this is not about looking better, it is about performing better, it's about becoming the best you can be.

I will leave Brazil more fit and more tanned and ready for the 2015 season!

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