IIt's not the body it's the brain, I can get body to perform, I have the power and stamina, my brain just wanna give up. It's a freaking struggle, it tells me to stop and to slow down and save my energy. 
I need some mental training really really bad!! Ah, miss to train with others! 

4km run
80 sit-ups
25 push-ups
80 walking lounges
10 burpees

Breakfast: watermelon, mango and coffee and more coffee

Lunch: Chicken Salad - this is becoming my standard
Workout: trying to SURF for about an hour, it was a great time and will happen tomorrow again.

Dinner: I was exhausted and we decided to eat at the hotel. Usually the food is quite ok, but I guess I just headed for the wrong dish.
They grilled the shit out of a poor piece of beef, it was drier than Sahara. It was propped on top of a potatoe gratain block and served with GRAPES... and port sauce... 

All I really could eat was the meat if I dipped it deep into the river of port sauce. I needed protein that bad! 

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