This is a Public Announcement...

Swedish rookies... what can I say... those girls have only been derby for a month or two... can I say that I am seeing a bright future in Stockhom Rollerderby.... beeeeeeeeeeeeeep

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Colleen sa...


I usually spend three months a year in Stockholm- Summertime.
I live in Tasmania, I have been skating here although our city doesn't have a bouting league. I skate with The Psychotics in Geelong- Victoria-.
You and I had some friends in common. I've been looking for help to see if I can attend some sessions or be any help to the league in Stockholm.
Could you help me out?
I am sorry that I don't speak Swedish-I understand a little.
I can be reached at Sookie.2512@gmail.com
My skater name is Sookie Smackhouse.

Jenny sa...


Vadan Malmoe? Vet du var du vill bo eller vill du ha tips på nice områden? Fö, sjukt att vi sammanstrålar i just Malmö av alla ställen, har för mig att vi bägge två dillade om att flytta hit när du var i Tacoma och jag I Österreich :-)

Anonym sa...

HOW to get such height?!?!