How it all began!

I had no clue what roller derby was, well I sort it had to do with girls hitting each other and rollerskating. I just hadn't given it that much thought. I saw an episode of CSI where there was a roller girl that got killed, and I thought it looked really cool, but the on the other hand I saw an CSI show about the Suicide Girls, and thought that was cool.
Being a quite hardcore competative snowboarder in the past, I was luring around Seattle trying to find myself a new passion. One day a bunch of lesbians dragged me to the roller rink in Bellvue, and I tried rollerskating for the first time of my life. At this time I ws living down in Tacoma, totally unaware of how close I lived to a roller rink I kept on bugging the girls to bring me skating again. They never did, but I kept on thinking of skating, it just looked so darn kool and retro. I have to admitt that skating and short skirt totally flipped a switch inside me, and one day when I walked into a thrift store I found a pair of old derby skates... Since I really did not know was derby was, I was totally "those have to be mine. "And five minutes later they were mine...

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