The story of Swede Hurt

Swede Hurt was born in the cold north during a blasting storm, her mother a giant and her father a warrior Viking. After giving birth her mother held up the child in the blasting storm speaking the little girls fate: Daughter of the North, you will become fast as the wind, hard as ice and beautiful as the Northern Light. Daughter of the North your fate is to beat evil that creeps upon the world, your trait will be to listen, to speak and to love. You will fight for the ones that have no armor and speak up for the mute. Your hand will touch gentle and strike hard, your smile will paralyze and love. You will be the two-edged sword that will unite evil and good into one force that will create the future. Daughter of the North, you have to hold your wickedness away, the curse of the Vikings that soars in your veins.

An arrow was fired, and her mother met a silent death by the side of her new born child, her father taken away and Swede was put out in the forest to be eaten by the wolves.

Swede was found by an old troll that in some way found some love for the abandoned child in her trollish heart. Swede grew up wrestling with the other little trolls. Trolls are known to play dirty and unfair, and so they did. Even if Swede were taller than them, they would find her weak point and bring her to a fall and then make fun of the golden hair that grew from her head, instead of the coarse black hair that the trolls had. Swede grew quicker and taller and one day she found herself drawn to the outside, towards the sun. The sun was the deadliest fear of all since if the sun caught a troll. the troll would burst.
Her stepmother grabbed the curious child and begged her not to go out in the rays of the furious and unforgiving sun. Swede had a brave heart inherited from her parents and walked out, and felt how the bleak winter sun of the North touched gently upon her face. She started to wander, determined to find the murderer of her mother, and where her father was held.

She wandered the north for many years, learned the magic sejd of the Sámi people, she rode among the Cossacks and was taken to tame her first unicorn. She would ride the taiga of Siberia screaming the warrior scream of the Cossacks to scare the beasts creeping into the villages during nighttime. She sat watch in the night, the blond hair glimmering in the light of the moon. She new from birth that there was an evil out there, and her mission were to force it away from her domains.

After many years of wandering around in the snow she found herself walking on ice and one day she entered a country full of stars and stripes, cowboy hats, a lust for money and she felt more lost than ever. Being used to riding fast as the wind on unicorns she soon learned to drive cars fast and to change her reliable ice-skates for roller-skates. One day in her daily search for her mothers murderer on the streets the Angel City she ran into Eva Lathart, after Swede had a giant beer or two she told Eva her story, of how she was trying to solve the mystery. And Eva told her about Carly and Swede Hurt became one of the Angels of the Camaro Harem…

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