Swede went back to Sweden

So I did, but I got straight of the flight and went to practice, I must say I really heart Debbie Derringer (she's the one in pink not jamming) of the Pink Pistols, she makes me laugh soooo hard! We usually carpool up to Everett and share the dirbydirt and our own dirt. I think we just happen to be very dirty girls, but I mean what do you expect of a vikingprincess and a sharp-shooter like the two of us?

We did the JCRG Booty camp together and stayed friends even if we ended up on the teams bouting each other on the JCRG Inaugural Bout... I guess we only stayed friends because the Camaro Harem won over the Pink Pistols, and I am a sour loser and would not ever have spoken with her ever again if they would have won.

Just kidding, it is as they say, "What happens on the track, stays on the track" even if it's never fun to loose! Well, well...

Soon I actually really have to get out of bed and get dressed for another exciting day of training to become a barista!

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