Frustration and more frustration

I don't know why, but I just felt sooo frustrated leaving practice yesterday. I usually feel really light and happy, quite drained.... But yesterday we had scrimmage, and for soem reason I just felt like the crappiest skater ever. It was FRUSTRATING, very frustrating! I was doing okey jamming, except when I cut the track and Sassy was sneaky (great job) enough to get me into the penalty box. But my blocking was just terrible, the rest of hte team are as amazing as ever, but I was allover the place, letting myself getting bumped allover the place by stronger hitters. Not very cool I said to myself and wanted to cry...
I did realize, once again how much I have to work on! There is always more to learn, sometimes it get frustrating, but it's so worth it. But yesterday night was one of those nights, when my frustration just got to me, feeling like as if I never get better.

BUT on the lighter side, I dreamed about derby all night, and jamming, blocking, pivoting and loving it. I dreamed about all the fantastic people that makes JCRG the most wounderful place ever. I never want to do anything but go skate with those ladies, it makes me happy, sometimes frustrated, but I do learn a crazy amount every practice.

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