Merby is not the new derby...

This past Saturday I ventured down to Tacoma to watch the first all male roller derby tournament, and no, it's not as fun as roller derby. There were dirtier play, some amazing hits and some whiney but quite entertaining boys. Best bout was the Dallas
I had a great time, but still the afterparty wast the best part of it... I was really impressed and proud of my coach Cory Pain, and some of the Dallas Deception boys had amazing skating skills... The Guiness at the afterparty was AMAZING and Suzie 9mm corsette and cleavage was quite entertaining.
I did straddle the Gym Class Hero guy for a bit... I think I might have scared him, but I tend to scare most people a whole lot. Must be the cute face of mine... not the dirty mouth at all... MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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