Dear Roller Derby

I could never cheat on you, I love you deep and dearly. You bring me so much joy and pain, and I wish we could spend everyday together. But for the best of both of us, I think we need to limit out times together to no more than 5 days a week.

I know I am not perfect, but please Roller Derby, love me back, I am a real good kisser, even when my lips hurt from an elbow and my nose is swollen.

Roller Derby, I am sorry for the times I by accident end up in the penalty box, you know I would not try to play unsafe nor to hurt someone, but sometimes track is cut and sometimes I might push a little too hard, throw and elbow or just trip myself.

Please forgive me Roller Derby for the few times I have gone to the bar, and been too tired for practice the next day. Well, I guess this so far has not happened, but please forgive me if it would.

Yours truly

Swede Hurt

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