My rookie year as a Derby Player is Over

It's a little less than a year since the Harem of JCRG decided to pick my swedish ass up and add me to their 2008 roster. I skated my first bout on January 19th, and I remember bing excited but really terrified, considering I had only done one or two scrimmages before. It wasn't until March 15 I got to do my debut as a jammer and by then I had the Rust Riot scrimmage and some JCRG scrimmages under my belt... at this time I think I also went to watch my first Rat City bout and started to go to Dockyard bouts...

I got to bout against the Bellingham Betties twice, once with the result of a separated shoulder, that I quickly made heal, hate to be hurt, and not only a separated shoulder but we also lost.... Grace so nicely telling me to toughen up and go out jam... I refused and held the line... I heart Grace. The second time we won went up against them we won, and we were a very happy go lucky team! YA YA YA ... I love the Bellingham girls, and I am excited that Sheeza is doing the Makin Bacon with me right now. .. she's quite a Brickhouse

Championships were a disapointment, since we lost to the Pistols, I still feel ike I did my best, but still we lost, and it is never fun loosing, but it also gives you something to work on. Jut have to think what went wrong and re-collect yourselves and go with it! I will always love the Camaro Harem, they were my first team ... and orange is an awfully amazing color!

I went to RollerCon and made friends with my Derby Crush Summer over beers and mysterious Mosses in hot tubs, and there were scrimmages, scrimmages, skating classes, skating classes and even a morning boot camp that I made it too once. There was also dancing, dancing and heat, heat and more scrimmages, I still regret not doing the Team Awesome class, I am quite positive I could have kept up. But watching it and thinking about the drills was quite rewarding as well.

We played Dockyards Femme Fiannas and I jammed the opening jam in my career, it was nervewrecking, but it went really well and the Harem played an amazing game and won, this was a very short but hella fun bout.

I got invited to go with the Travel Team and bout Treasure Valley (Boise) and managed to collect a good amount of points and have alot of fun with both the Bombers and the really nice girls out of Treasure Valley.

And to finish of the season JCRG decided to split our four teams into two mixed teams and bout Slaughter County, since I'm crazy and an overachiver I decided to do both teams, when one of the teams came up short. So I got the pleasure to be both on the winning and loosing side and have 2 hours of bouting time... ahhh... and I got amazing outfits...

In November JCRG voted me to Derby Girl of the month, and it almost made me cry, I love those girls so much and they are a tough bunch of lovable ladies!

Now it has been almost a year, and I am no longer a rookie, I am trying out for RCRG and hoping that I get to skate more, more and more and I love the sport of Roller Derby so much! This past year has been pone of the best in my life and I have to gotten to know so many interesting, lovley, funny, crazy and clearly insane but gentle women! AMAZINGNESS and KUDOS to DERBY!!

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