A year of Derby in Pictures and my Derby Girl of the Month interview... from present to last years try outs...

Swede Hurt

Number: 01146 (it's the area code to Sweden)

Team: Camaro Harem

Position: Jammer but I really want to be able to play any position; I think versatility is really important

Favorite drink: Carrot Juice - it's the most orange deliciousness in the world... I can spill it on my uniform and no one would know! I am also a huge fan of Guinness... It's a meal in a glass, God Bless the Irish for this!

Hobbies: Well, outside roller derby I love fashion, aerials, politics, reading, driving horses and frolicking with my friends. Oh, and I collect unicorns! I love Unicorns... are unicorns a hobby? I think Unicorns are a hobby!

JCRG: How did you come up with your derby name and what does it mean to you?
SH: Well, it was Suzie 9mm who came up with it when I was in Booty Camp. First I thought it was really silly and I wanted to be something like VIKING KILLING LADY OF THE NORTH, but realized that Swede Hurt was a better fit for me. I already had a bunch of friends that called me Swede, so it became natural to me real fast. And since I am born and raised in Sweden, I feel like it really symbolizes who I am.

JCRG: How long have you been skating?
SH: I started in August 2007, so by now it's about 15 months. My first skates were a pair of white pacer skates. I got them at a second hand store, because I thought they looked cool. Now, I have a pair of speed skates and I love every moment of it! I have even learned to love my bunion, blisters and calluses.

JCRG: What committee do you belong to, and what is your function?
SH: I was the Merch-lady of Camaro Harem; I brought our lovely merchandise into functions, set it up and made it look attractive and buyable. I also was on the PR and Bout Production; I am very great at setting up and tearing down our floor. I like to be where I can help.AND right when I became a Jet City skater they talked me into representing JCRG by entering the Harley Davidson Bikini Contest… my first and last. I did get second and won an entire year of tanning. (The things I do for derby)

JCRG: Why did you join derby?
SH: From the first time I heard about derby I knew I had to be a part of it: skating in cool quad skates, dress amazingly, hit each other and just get to meet a bunch of cool chicks. I could not resist a sport like that! I went to all open skates I could find around the Seattle area. I dragged my friends to early morning skates with the old ladies in dance dresses and organ music. I made friends get back on their roller blades and skate Greenlake with me. I was too shy to join PFM and one day I saw Big Poppa at Bellevue's Skate King and he had a JCRG sweater on. I googled JCRG and ended up in the first Booty camp. I was in it with Colt 45, Mona Agony, Vibe Raider, Casual Tease, Cheerbleedher, MissusUnshine and Lady Danger. I became a fierce berserk derby girl with the help of Angelica della Morte, Duke Spank-a-ho, Big Poppa and everyone else who helped to me keep upright. At try-outs the Camaro Harem thought I would be a good fit for them and I've been in love with orange ever since. From the beginning I really fell for the showing off part of it and I have really, really fallen in love with the athletic part of it. I have become so fit and it has been amazing to see my body get back to the same shape, as it was when I was 20 and competing in snowboarding.

JCRG: What is your favorite aspect of derby?
SH: That it is fun, fun, fun and that there is always a new aspect to it. It keeps me on my toes and constantly inspires me. I just love waking up in the morning and knowing I have practice with a bunch of amazing ladies that we can encourage each other, laugh and be silly. I love that it is full on competitive and aggressive play during a bout, but that you leave that on the track, and afterwards you can have a beer with the girl who separated you shoulder. I really have met a bunch of truly fun, loving, sensitive, bitchy, crazy, calm but overall athletic women. These are women that want to re-invent themselves, not particularly change themselves, but to find out who they are and how they fit in.

JCRG: Any other information we should know about you?

* I was a competitive half-pipe rider (snowboarding) for 7 years
* I love derby
* Did I mention I love to play derby?
* I'm really scared of the dark, but LOVE horror movies (I have never made a connection)
* Colt 45 is my derby wife
* I study fashion marketing
* I am totally silly and really shy
* Jamming makes me so nervous I want to throw up
* I LOVE UNICORNS I have a tame one I keep in my closet.

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