Sverige, Schweden, Sweden...

Sweden, dear Sweden, spending time in Sweden with family and friends, this is were I am from, still I do miss Seattle and for sure rollerskating and derby.
But we all know, you have to try your best to be happy with the situation you are in at the time, and my time is Sweden right now, until the 11th of January.

And it has been a good time, it is cold and the streets are covered with snow and ice (and we drive FINE on it).

Christmas was spent with family, both my fathers and my mothers and best friend Em, mostly out at Ekero, with dog, kids, chickens and cats... and well, yeah, family!

We have been ice-skating, gone for long walks on the frosty streets of Stockholm and now finally me and Em gone to her mothers place up north to go cross country skiing.

It has been a little hard to keep on working-out everyday, but since I got the Getsome Athletic Derby Video I've been trying to get myself to do it at least three times/week. I even made my mother do it with me, and she was sore for days after. I like spending time with my mother, she's quite dynamite for her 58 years.

Tomorrow me and Em are heading back to the city, going to visit my mother on Sunday to go crosscontry-ice-SKATING on the lake! YEAH!

Only a week until my Birthday and the Birthday party! The day after I'll be on a flight back to Seattle and finally get to skate with Rat City for the first time since I got picked up!

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