From NYC and flat track to LA and banked track...

Catching a flight in the morning has never really been my strong side, but just the anxiety of missing the flight make me not able to sleep the night before. So I always get on the flight and pass out. Being in NYC there are usually two ways to get to the airport, either by a cab or by public transportation, last time I took a cab they ended up reversing on the freeway after they missed the airport exit. So ever after that I feel like I should take the safer way, and that would be the E or A train (if I’m going to JFK). So I decided to relay on my little blue dot on my iPhone to guide me to the E train at 4 o’clock in the darkest of Queens. It was raining, the bus didn’t come and I ended up walking for 45min until I found the train. So I guess I am about as horrified by public transportation as taking a cab… This morning it actually went a little smoother, maybe because I now live 2 min from the A train and my flight wasn’t as early as I usually book them.

So I made it to LA, to the other coast with palms, parking lots for highways and the home of the LA Derby Dolls where my troublemaker twin skates. I did trek the country for this reason, not only to see her, but for a very legit reason, to skate with Team Legit, a purple legit force that are climbing up from the flat track to clash with the LA Derby Dolls this weekend. HOW EXCITING… can’t wait to skate banked track. Twin trouble is crazy, she is running a half marathon the morning before the game, I guess that’s what Amazon women (not me) do to warm-up for a game.

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