A tilted weekend

I spent the past few days in LA with one of my best friends, a Doll she is, a doll that prefers the tilted track over the flat. She has her point, I have mine, I love flat track derby, and I will never leave the flat track for banked track. But as I see it, one thing doesn’t have to cancel out the other, so I do it both. By day I’m Swede Hurt, a flat track girl belonging to Gotham, by night I’m Berglöf, a member of Team Legit. Team Legit are flat track girls that once in a while tie our skates on to hit the bank track and show that flat trackers can go both ways. Legit comes from flat track leagues all-over US to challenge ourselves and have lots of fun together. It is different to skate bank track, it is faster but still everything else applies, the rule set that LA plays with, are almost like WFTDA but the jams are only a minute and the jammer in front is always the lead jammer, so lead jammer might change during a jam. I love to skate on the bank but I love the flat track a little more, maybe because the competition in flat is so much greater. I don’t know, but derby is derby, no matter if it is played on banked or a flat track. And I adore derby, no matter what it is played on, ad long as the rules are safe and sound and the hits are hard and legal.
I don’t mind being bi-track-sual at all… and I have made one of my best friends on the bank. Ah, Krissy Krash, Krazy Kat lady, she feeds me shakes and take me to skate on the beach, and without Team Legit I probably would never have met her.

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